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Feeding a Creative Mind – Part II: Juicing for Mama

juiceAs a skeptic, I’ve never been a fan of juicing or juicing diets. Diets in general don’t interest me – I like to eat and, while it has gotten me in trouble with my weight from time to time, I use exercise and moderation to keep it mostly in control. Plus, food is a fun way to explore the world’s cultures!

Then I got pregnant. I will spare everyone the details and just say that, for me, the pregnancy constipation was no joke. I tried everything… fiber gummies, prune juice from the store, that tea thats supposed to help, tons (i.e. 1.5 gals) of water. Nothing was working. Serendipitously, I ended up getting a part time job at a juice shop during pregnancy to fill some open time in my schedule. The owners mentioned a concoction specifically targeted for my issue and… IT WORKED! I was the most regular pregnant lady that lived and my world was returned to happiness and normalcy! I decided then and there that I would be a forever convert to juicing for those specific purposes.

juiceOnce the baby came, I gave up that job and focused on fun times with my daughter. When my issues returned post-partum, it was time to invest in a juicer of my own so I didn’t have to pay the ridiculous prices for fresh pressed juice from the shop. I have two favorite juices: Carrot juice which I found helps with my breast milk supply and Beet juice for my southern hemisphere clogging issues. I usually throw in ginger and turmeric to both of those recipes for good measure. Using these recipes as my experiments, I tried out three machines and here’s what I found:

1: The Norwalk: Perfect for someone who is going to juice a LOT or wants a killer food processor as well as a juicer. This is a high-end machine that will turn fruits and vegetables to dust – it’s that good at getting the juice out. The pros: the most efficient juicer in terms of output for all types of juices including roots (ginger, turmeric). The cons: price ($1000+), cleanup, tons of parts, size of machine in my small kitchen.

2: The Omega Vert: This sucker was great for citrus fruits but the output wasn’t the best for the beets and carrots and didn’t pl
ay well with roots at all. Pros: Excellent for citrus fruits and easier to clean than the Norwalk but the output wasn’t great for the juices I wanted to make. Better prices as well ($300ish and you can find refurbs for less).

3: The Omega Nutrition Center: This ended up being the best option for me. It was the best price and did a great job with carrots and beets (although not nearly as good as the Norwalk). The extra pulp waste makes great chicken feed for my friend’s chickens so I feel less guilty about all of that good veggie pulp not getting into my system. The prices were better than the others too. I tried citrus just because and it didn’t do as great as the other Omega. Pros: Output, Cleanup, Price. Cons: Lots of pulp “Waste”, not as efficient as the Norwalk.

The Omega Nutrition Center gets used a couple times per week in my house. We love it for our specific needs and I have been a “Regular Mamma” since starting my juice habit. I can definitely tell the days that I don’t have at least a little juice! I haven’t tested many other recipes because juice cleanses don’t really work for me and I would rather eat a lot of my greens for the fiber and all of the other delicious stuff in them vs. put them into juice.  This machine is perfect for moderate use, especially if you have a use for the pulp! I have also branched out to try Golden Milk – a great remedy for the cold and flu season!

Any other juicing fans out there? Any favorite recipes to share?


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