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Creativity Defined

pencilsMy husband and I value creativity. Of course we care about a lot of the other aspects of raising a child: making sure they are happy, healthy, kind and smart. However, creativity is the focus of this blog and our writing project because it seems there is so much in our society today that can undermine it. Everything from TV, phones, internet, packed schedules and events planned to a T can get in the way.

Before we go too far, lets actually define what a creative kid looks like. defines creativity as “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns,relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms,methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination”. Many times folks hear the word “creative” and think “crafty”. While they are related, I believe that instilling creativity into young minds is a key aspect of life long happiness.  

I still remember the first time I heard that magical dial up sound as I logged onto the “internet” to discover what a chat room was. I remember Myst and the Encarta CDs and of course Oregon Trail and hearing “You’ve Got Mail”. But I also remember walking away from the computer when it was time for dinner. We were limited to an hour per day on the computer and then it was turned off so we could read, complete art projects or homework and head to bed.

In my mind, I think of creativity as the push of information from your brain instead of the pull of information your brain gets when it gets sucked into the TV or endless hours of internet browsing. We would love for our daughter to think outside of the box, learn to assess situations and act accordingly and to WANT to read rather than just knowing that there are books available.

So – how do we do that?

Step 1) Buy books…

Step 2) ???? ….

Step 3) Creative kid.


In short – we have no idea at this point and that’s where this writing project comes into play. What we do know is that our daughter is 4 months old and we only have a hunch of where to start: with ourselves. We watch too much TV, don’t have a great schedule for eating and need to get in touch with our creative sides more that we do now. Once we have a better handle on our own creative lives, we will focus on our daughters environment, nutrition, social situations and activities that will hopefully lead to a happy, kind, creative child.

We will spend the next year researching and posting ideas, projects and findings in hopes that we inspire a conversation. This is really a project for us – to focus on what we need to learn to pass along to our kids. If you have any ideas or want us to focus on a specific area, please contact us! We will post some of our favorite things along the way, try to keep the “off topic” posts to a minimum and in the end, have ~200 entries and a whole lot of new information to show for our effort.

Cheers to creative kiddos!

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