Glorious glorious sleep. How I have missed you in these last six months. I awoke about an hour ago from one of the most epic naps I’ve had since becoming a mother (thanks to daddy for taking one for the team so I could snooze). This week has been a doozy – between our daughters random wakings due to teething and who knows what else and an illness that I can’t seem to shake; there has been little rest around here. I know deep down I feel better when I don’t nap and just try to stay on my usual routine – if you can call it that. Today, however, was apparently the day for me to snooze. Three hours later (oops) I awoke feeling rested and ready to tackle my “To-Do” list. I’ve been more productive, had more creative thoughts and have felt more motivated than usual. This got me thinking – how does sleep play into creativity, especially when it comes to creative kiddos?

As I researched this topic, there were a few themes that became apparent for adults, creative people wake up early, the early hours of the morning seem to be the best for creative work, and the great minds in history got plenty of sleep. All of these articles are helping me try to stick to a better, consistent sleep routine. Ok – back to the kiddos…

For children, it seems the amount and the consistent schedule are important, not just for creativity, but for everything from healthy bodily functions to weight management and growth in general. This article from was very informative regarding how much sleep our kiddos should have and what happens when they don’t get the sleep they need.

For example, my daughter is 6 months old, which based on the chart from the previous article, she should be getting 9.5 – 14 hrs of sleep per day. How can I make sure she is getting this on as much of a schedule as possible?

Babycenter had the best article that I found to answer this question. Essentially, I need to establish a routine, stick with it without interruption until she is comfortable with it and I need to stop feeding her to sleep so she learns to fall asleep on her own. The article also mentions to remember that there will be hiccups during growth stages and to avoid expecting perfection. Babycenter also has some example schedules that were helpful to read to understand that there is a lot of variation and you have to find something that works for you.

For me – I need to be more consistent with my routines! Lots of things have been getting in the way of our usual schedule so I need to prioritize sleep time for the kiddo and make sure she is rested. I also need to get myself back on a routine and stop napping so much! Speaking of… it is time for bed!

Do you have any tried and true sleep tips for your baby?




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