First Of The Month Projects

First of the Month Project: T-Shirts

Back in January, I came up with a list of creative projects that I wanted to accomplish and assigned each one to a month. Check out the list here. This month’s project stems from countless situations where I hear something funny or see a funny pun and think, “that would be great on a t-shirt”. Now that I have this great machine that will cut out iron-on material, I have no excuse. (No – I do not get paid by Cricut to talk about this machine – I just love it that much).

This t-shirt comes with a story. We went to my hometown for our wedding. A couple of our guests were out perusing the local establishments when a gentleman who had been imbibing for days, possibly weeks at that point gave them some “advice from a local”. If you are ever threatened in a fight in this town, be sure to “swing first”. Turns out this guy was a lawyer. Maybe trying to drum up business? Who knows. The saying became a quip often used in our friend group.


To design the graphic, I took a photo of the gallows frames that are iconic to Butte and created an image of the outline using Photoshop. I then made a “cut file” using the outline, lettering and voila! My t-shirt design was complete. The only painful part was “weeding” out all of the waste iron-on material from the gallows frame cut. Other than that, I am pretty proud of the result!

I love these monthly reminders to take a break and try something new. Next month, I revisit one of my previous loves: painting. Too bad knitting isn’t on my list because I am still quite addicted to the needles!

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