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Getting Creative

Wow – it has been over a month. While I have been making notes about ideas that I have for posts and we actually did do the project for May, I have been delayed due to one thing: our daughter went mobile. Holy. Crap.

Stay tuned for the May project post…

Our tiny human has been an air breather for nine months already. I know everyone says time flies, but I think I underestimated the impact of time passing while sleep, nutrition, social interaction and adult-conversation deprived. This month has been the first time where I feel like we are coming up for air. She is now moving around on her own: rolling, scooting and interacting in ways that help us understand more about her. She loves chasing the dog. She watches the door when its time for daddy to come home. She giggles at her favorite song. We have a regular, actual human on our hands!

The theme of this blog is creativity. We all know that actions speak louder than words so I have been trying to implement more creative solutions into our world instead of panicking when things don’t go as planned. This post is dedicated to the times over the last year that I have applied a little creative thinking to help make my life easier.

Situation: Couldn’t rock baby due to post surgery c-section, then tumor removal, then car accident. Creative solution: Rock baby in chair holding her on my lap with my legs. I became so good at cradling her with my legs that she prefers it now!

Situation: Pack n Play is too tall for the camper. We couldn’t lift her in or out. Creative solution: The Lotus Travel Crib with cute little escape hatch. Ok – not that creative, but we were so happy that this solution existed.

Situation: Little money for toys. Creative Solution: EVERYTHING is a toy if you treat it as such. Empty bottles filled with beans, empty wipe packages, sewing scraps sewn together with crinkly material stuffed inside. Dried pinecones, books, old clothing, plastic measuring cups.

Situation: Painful teething. Creative solution: There are lots of things that work (refrigerating a damp washcloth, teething rings, teething crackers) but the best thing that she loves is a nice piece of celery right out of the fridge. She loves it and when she is done, the dog eats the rest!

Situation: A colossal amount of time spent exclusively pumping 1:40 – 2:00 per day! Creative Solution: Audio Books, Duolingo to learn a bit of Vietnamese and situating myself to where I can pump hands free so I can knit. For the past month I have been knitting 2 rows of a blanket every time I pump. I am nearly done with a beautiful keepsake!

If there was one bit of advice I could give to myself as I was worrying about how I was going to cope with inviting another human into the world it would be this: Chill Your Gills and just remember to think creatively to make the best out of each situation. Everything from food prep to diapers has presented at least one situation where we either weren’t properly prepared and had to rig a solution or we were just flat out surprised and needed to improvise.

What are some ways that you have had to “get creative” when it comes to raising an infant or toddler?


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