Just a couple of parents trying to raise a happy, kind, creative kid.

Creativity seems to be at the root of all of my proudest skills. I love math and reasoning and I’m good at it. When I think about where that came from I conclude that it was from my sewing class. I learned how to put together something physical – i.e. a sweet 80s jumper complete with collar and shoulder pads – by cutting out different shapes, learning how they fit together, and experimenting with all of the inputs necessary to make a rockin’ outfit. I would make mistakes, fix them and in the end, look fabulous with my permed hair and home-made scrunchies. Those skills helped me to mentally pull problems apart and piece them together based on whatever the scenario calls for. Other than sewing, which I hope my daughter will learn one day, we want to explore the ways that we can instill this type of creativity in our kiddos.

This blog has two main goals: First, it’s a writing project for my husband and I – we will spend a year researching and implementing ideas that will help us be a little better at inspiring creativity for our family and minimize the noise in our lives. Second – if we can attract an audience, we would like to create a conversation for parents all over who share the same goal of raising a creative kid with less stuff. The topics include everything from actual creative projects to how to make ourselves healthier and mentally prepared to be creative.

The first thing we talked about when we decided to do this was: How do we make sure we aren’t “parent-shaming”? Shaming other parents sucks and really, karma should retaliate against those who choose to attack parents for having different values and beliefs. This blog aims to focus on an open conversation, an environment where it is cool to try things and make mistakes and hopefully end up just a little bit better in the end.

Both my husband and I have a background in math, science and using data to make decisions about our lives. We plan to implement a lot of “test and control” activities and will often use our geeky backgrounds to explain what we are experiencing. We welcome nerdyness of all levels: Geeks UNITE!

We will link to products that we like, but wont add noise by adding ads to our pages. All pictures on this blog are either from Pexels.com or are taken with my own camera.

We look forward to a world-wide conversation about how to raise creative kids!


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